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Meet Kacie, your devoted personal trainer who is committed to guiding her clients towards their health and fitness aspirations through specialised nutritional guidance and individualised workout programs

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My fitness journey


As a little girl I absolutely loved sports and fitness.

Football was always my hobby growing up, playing since the age of 7 and I still enjoy being part of a local football team until this day.  

I worked as an apprentice, going on to qualify as a level 2 football coach and shortly after achieved my level 2 Fitness instructor certificate through my apprenticeship.

I made the transition from running to weight training at the age of 16, learning different techniques and perfecting my form.

I continued on to complete my level 3 Personal Training with the lower body becoming my initial focus. Seeing the progression that using weights was having on my glutes, glute training very quickly became my passion and still is to this day.

I specialise in training clients who particularly want to grow and sculpt their glutes. This means focusing on all three areas; the gluteus maximus, medius and minimus. I tailor my programs to target the specific part of the glute that my client needs developing.

It is so rewarding to see the amazing results my clients have achieved, not just aesthetically but also physically becoming stronger.

Glute-based training continues to increase in popularity, with everybody striving for that beautiful round peach! I am now making it accessible to everybody by taking my booty classes online, to share this knowledge with even more customers. I cannot wait to get creative on a whole new level!

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